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    Here’s why Wilsonville is one of the most popular suburbs in the Portland Metro area.

    1. Location – Wilsonville is the last major suburb before the Willamette River creates a natural border for the Portland Metro. There is no where else to expand further South and therefore Wilsonville has become the last affluent community before reaching Salem. This also creates a community of people that work in Salem and want to live closer to the Portland Metro area and get the best of both worlds.
    2. Because the city of Wilsonville did not exist in it’s current form prior to the 80’s when the city was being planned and laid out they had a big piece of land to work with and had the foresight to plan accordingly for the city facilities.
    3. Wilsonville is home to some of the best parks in the Portland Metro area. Memorial Park runs along the Willamette River and has an incredibly large area for baseball fields, soccer fields, a skate park, tennis and pickle ball courts along with a public dock on the river. Wilsonville also has several new splash pad locations around town that have been recently built around the town to cool down the kids on those hot summer days. The city also recently invested in an entire new play structure in Murase Plaza Park that rivals any in the Portland Metro area.
    4. Situated on the Willamette River, Wilsonville is a popular place for water lovers that have fun getting out on a boat and relaxing or enjoying water sports. It also provides easy access to the river for those that love to fish while staying close to home.
    5. Wilsonville has some of the highest ranked schools in the Portland Metro area, with rankings similar to Lake Oswego, West Linn and Bethany schools. This is one of the largest draws for families that want to ensure their kids are in great schools for both education and sports.
    6. Lowrie Primary school is one of two Spanish Speaking Immersion schools in Clackamas County. It is a lottery system to have your child enter the program in Kindergarten and is a highly coveted program.
    7. The Wilsonville Farmers Market runs from May through September and includes food trucks, live music and 40-60 booths (depending on the season) for visitors to purchase anything from local produce to fine art.
    8. A big draw for people moving to the Wilsonville area is all the new construction and homes that have been built in the last decade. Villebois is a community within Wilsonville that contributes much of the new volume to Wilsonville, but new homes are built in locations from the Willamette River to the rural areas along the edge of town.
    9. The city of Wilsonville continues to invest in the infrastructure of the city year after year. In recent years they have installed new splash pads, pickle ball courts and playground equipment around the city to invest the local tax money wisely.
    10. Since Wilsonville is located on the I-5 thoroughfare it provides easy access to the town and surrounding locations around the Portland Metro and Salem areas.

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