Zillow Is Not an Appraisal

    “Zestimate says this, and Zillow says that! Let’s offer what Zillow suggests the home is worth.”

    I hear this a lot, and no, this is not the true case. Zillow has a wealth of information available to consumers, however, the estimate is not an accurate impression of the market and the home value. I have personally seen a swing of $40,000.00 above and below what the home actually sells for, which can be frustrating for those who rely on Zillow for an accurate view of the local market.

    There is a better solution; your real estate agent!

    Pick an agent you know, like and trust, and ask them for a market report from your local MLS (multiple listing service). This gives in-depth and accurate information about your area and can be narrowed down to zip code or neighborhoods. If you have an agent who loves stats or likes the discussion of changing markets, these agents will give good insight of the areas you are interested, but always remember, the agent has their feet on the ground, working with clients like you, and have an actual feel for the market and see the offers across their desks.

    The great thing about knowing someone in the Real Estate business, is that you will get a call from them often for a follow up!

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