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    Why We Moved Beltran Properties Group & 7 Pillars Network from KW to eXp Realty

    Jaimy and I have the pleasure (and the pressure!) of working together as a husband/wife real estate sales team. We met in college in Southern California, dated right after, got married and bought our first home (and first dog) shortly thereafter. This first purchase started a life-long, relationship-long connection with real estate. We bought our home from a friend, without a real estate agent, without a home inspection, and we moved in before closing. Ha ha! We had no idea what we were doing buying a house.

    September 17, 1999 (wedding date!)
    We were 25 when we bought our first house in Costa Mesa, California and brought Opie (our beagle pup) home!
    Thankful for this opportunity! Looking forward to the next 20+ years! (photo taken: Sept 17, 2017)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Our History to Today:

    1. Wedding anniversary #19 (Sept 17, 2018) ~ we tend to agree on a lot of things, like marriage, family, faith, food, travel and of course, real estate!
    2. Working relationship since 2007 ~ we also tend to argue about a lot of things, like who is the boss, how often we need to be in the office to actually get work done, to answer a call during dinner or not, and where to vacation so that we can actually get some family time and not only “working vacation” time (even the decision to move to eXp Realty from KW Realty was a decision that was a year in the making!). We also trust one another and know that our clients will always come first, that our teammates and staff are critical to us and matter the most, and that no matter what, we will be fine…because this is not brain surgery, it is selling real estate (we don’t take ourselves too seriously!).
      This family loves downtown Portland Oregon!
      Working Together Is Always Entertaining! 😉
      Portland is a Foodie town: and Jaimy is always checking on everyone (here at Shalom Y’all! One of our favorites!)


    3. Launched Beltran Properties LLC in 2007, was at Coldwell Banker from 2008-2011, switched to Keller Williams Realty at the end of 2011, started a team in 2012, moved into our own mega agent office space in 2015, launched our first expansion partner in Vancouver Washington under the 7 Pillars Network company name in 2016, and made the switch from KW to eXp Realty in 2018!
      Coldwell Banker Days! (2008)
      Jaimy and Sherine Win Wilsonville Rotary’s First Citizen Award (2015, awarded in 2016)
      After the Grand Opening of the BPG Wilsonville Office Location (2016)
      7 Pillars Network: our expansion company, started in Vancouver Washington (2016)



      4. Onward! Featuring new branding for BPG showcasing our tagline “You 1st Real Estate.”    Looking forward to the growth of BPG, the expansion of 7 Pillars Network, and the increased depth and breadth of our teammate’s positive influence not only in their clients lives but in each community that we serve together.


    We Chose eXp Realty, Because…

    The short answer: this company offers us three ways to earn a living. Two of these items we could not find from any other real estate company (and we could not implement similar programs for our small business fast enough or smart enough, so we opted to not try and reinvent the wheel). These two additional programs exist in a fast-growing real estate company with a solid foundation from which we can grow our brand and our presence in the great Northwest and beyond!

    1. We Sell a Lot of Homes ~ Our business is to sell homes for our clients, always putting them first. And we do this well, and we do it often. Our number of sales continually grows each year (we celebrated just over 154 closings in 2017, yet we never compromise on high-quality service. See recent reviews on Zillow here  and on Facebook here) and we have plans to continue that growth with our group sales while mentoring the agents on our team and in our expansion company to do the same. This will never change!
    Kona, the Bernedoodle, is the Beltran’s newest fur baby!
    Kona visits a listing in Eugene Oregon










    2. It’s Like a Pay Increase for Every Teammate ~ the stock and the revenue share programs that eXp Realty have created are two ways we can offer our teammates and staff a pay increase and a way for each of them to build towards a healthy retirement.

    3. It’s an Exit Strategy ~ no one wants to work until they hit the grave. We want to plan for a retirement where we can enjoy time in our golden years with grandkids and lots of travel! The stock and the revenue share programs that eXp Realty have created are two additional ways we can build towards a solid retirement.

    Beltran’s In Our NW “backyard” (2018)
    We love to travel! (2016)
    We want to create more time for CRAZY fun like this! (2017)
    And for visits to old favorites like Barcelona! (2003)



    Thank You and Please Reach Out!

    Thank you to our friends and family and loyal clients who have traveled this real estate journey with us.

    We look forward to working alongside you, with you, and for you as we continue to grow BPG and 7PN with our new partnership with eXp Realty.

    If you have questions, feel free to reach out directly. Call either of us or swing by our office at:

    Beltran Properties Group

    29100 SW Town Center Loop w, Suite 130, 97070

    Sherine and Jaimy Beltran At Your Service!

    For Buying, Selling and Client Relations ~ Jaimy: 503-502-3330

    For Hiring, Agent Training and Marketing ~ Sherine: 503-502-5536

    We are happy to help!

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