Who do I work with?

    90% of my last four months of sales have begun as a personal referrals, statistically at least 70% of real estate is sold by a real estate agent who was referred to the buyer.

    How do you know if the referral is the right agent for you?

    Will you offend the person who referred the agent of you don’t use that referral?

    This is always going to be a matchmaking game, just because your neighbor had a great experience with someone in the past, doesn’t mean they were looking for the same type of service as you, ALWAYS interview multiple agents and see who YOU work BEST with. Who will hold your values to the same standard, who will have your back at the negotiation table, who SEES a lot of transactions and knows how to handle a tough situation, and who will be your trusted adviser?

    What happens if they are not the best fit? It’s ok… its about the relationship.

    Challenge yourself to ask the tough question; will this person be someone I would refer to in the future? If no, then move on and explain it just wasn’t the right fit. If the agent is professional, they will understand, and may even look to you for advise on what to do better in the future (that may be an indication that they still may be a good fit for a future transaction).

    Looking for another agent to interview?

    Call me at 503-218-3838; I’d love to earn your business!

    Ethan Frelly


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