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    When The Weather Outside Is Frightful….Use These 3 Holiday Hacks to Protect Your Floors

    The Holiday season brings more foot traffic to your home, which can put a lot of stress on your floors—holiday parties, a family get together and even hosting an open house in the winter months can bring unwanted tears and marks on your floors. How do you prevent scratches and stains that result in costly floor repairs?

    After all, refinishing hardwood floors could be very costly. A carpet repair could also put a damper in your holiday spirit.

    Here are a few tips to consider to help protect your carpets and/or flooring.


    Let it be known “No Shoes in the House”. Woman in Black Knee High Boots Walking in Snow Free Image Download

    Place a “No Shoes in the House” sign at your front door to help reduce scratches or stains to your flooring. The front door entry will most likely see the most mix of dirt, snow, and mud as people enter your home. Place floor mats at the front and back doors to your home to help catch some of the dirt & grime. When the Winter months get harsh, generally rock salt is used to break up ice & snow. However, that rock salt can be tracked into your home on the bottoms of shoes which will leave a white residue. That residue, over time, can dull the finish of your floors.  Also, when it’s tracked into your house, rock salt gets dragged across your floors, creating deep scratches in the wood.

    Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas Tree…..Christmas Tree with Decorations Free Image Download

    If you have a real tree, watch the water. Water can damage not only hardwood flooring but also carpeting and laminate flooring. Place a plastic bag underneath the tree stand to catch any spilled water. Don’t worry about the look, your tree skirt will hide the bag. A tree skirt can also catch fallen tree needles, which can scratch flooring.

    I’ve got to go away (but it’s cold outside)…. Young Woman Walking Alone in The Park in Snowy Weather Free Image Download

    When the weather turns cold, try to avoid turning the heat up too high—it can damage your floors, particularly your hardwoods. Heaters in your home can really dry out hardwood, leading to problems like shrinkage and cracked floorboards. Try running a humidifier in your home to keep moisture in the air.

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