What is a Buyers Repair Addendum?

    When purchasing a home, many times in the sales agreement, the agent will suggest writing in a contingency period for inspections and repairs to be negotiated. This can be however long or short a period that the buyer chooses, most normally it is 10 business days and it usually starts the day your accepted offer has been transmitted back to the seller with your acknowledgement signed.

    During that period of inspections (Inspection Period), the buyer has the opportunity to complete inspections, have contractors bid for work and negotiate repairs or financial changes to the home or sales agreement respectively.

    I find that many buyers tend to use this period to nitpick small issues which tends to irritate the seller. The use of the inspection for the buyer is to know and understand: what the current livability issues of the home are, any deferred maintenance to be corrected, anything from past repairs that seem like future issues. Issues like paint colors, landscaping (that doesn’t cause water intrusion), cosmetic defects should not be taken into account when thinking about what to put on a Repair Addendum.

    Issues to ask for repair or money (that should also come with a contactor bid):

    Roof issues

    Siding failure

    Foundation and crawlspace issues (especially when water is present)

    Attic issues, fungal growth, ventilation issues

    Heating and air quality


    Overall safety hazards (loose banisters, exposed wiring, CO2 and smoke alarms, dry rot, mold)

    These are the issues that should be addressed in the Repair Addendum. Buyers: keep in mind the seller usually loves the home they are selling and any indication their home is not perfect can be offensive. It is the duty of the agents to help with conveying that no offense is meant, that only a good sturdy, no safety issues home is being purchased (or that money is being given in lieu of repair).

    For an agent who can help with successful repair negotiation, call me! Ethan Frelly at 503-218-3838

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