Wet Weather Driving Tips

    It may seem a little late in the season to be bringing up wet weather driving tips, remember: the rain showers can happen over night or suddenly during the day.

    When the pavement dries up and more vehicles drive, they idle, stop and stop signs and lights, and generally use the road more often when its nice out. As we stop and idle at these areas, small oil drips and fluids fall from our vehicles. Those generally stay there until rain hits the pavement and bring it back up to the surface. Usually these fluids sit on top of the moisture on the road and reduce friction between the road and your tires, making it a slippery condition.

    Tips to stay safe:

    • Leave more then usual room between you and the person in front of you, giving you more reaction time for braking or maneuvering for safety situations.
    • Always use your blinker and check your mirrors and turn your head to check blind spots; this simple task let’s other drivers know your intention and checking your mirrors and blind spots allow you to comfortably change lanes or turn.
    • Keep your wiper blades up to date and in working order; streaks and smudges can be distracting.
    • Don’t use your cruise control; your car can react negatively to puddles or moisture and may over correct and cause a nasty situation.

    Safe driving and happy travels! Looking for a great garage to store your car? Call Ethan Frelly at 503-218-3838 to start your dream garage search.

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