Trying Something New

    Trying something new…. is it really that new?

    For the better part of my life now, I have been working in the service industry, by that, I mean I have been providing a service for my employer to their clientele, this service is sales.

    Sales is not a bad word…. I promise.

    No one ever wants to admit they are in sales, in fact, so much that there are thousands of industries out there that claim to have nothing to do with sales, but in fact, they are sales teams labeled as marketing, or teaching, or even law enforcement. Marketing is pretty obviously directly correlating to sales, I mean duh, right? What they do directs customers to us, the sales people, then we pay them for the sales they helped produce. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, police and even garbage-men all sell the idea they are smarter than our kids, know law more than us, know our bodies better than we know ourselves, have more authority than us, or even know where all that garbage actually goes…. it goes to a landfill next to a river, gross, but I digress.

    Over my years in (hidden) sales jobs, I picked up a few key ideas of what my ideal career would be; I really enjoy talking to people about their needs and wants, preferences and dislikes. Maybe my Sociology degree groomed me to ask questions, it could jut be my inquisitive mentality, regardless, be ready to answer questions about yourself if we end up chatting. I started making and selling pizzas in college, it was an amazing opportunity to see how people could really get excited just about a pizza decision, people put a lot of thought into their toppings, and I was ready to talk about that, the special occasion or just small talk. I learned that all you need to do is just ask the question; “how’s your day going?”.

    My career needed to be a position where I could help clients enter a new chapter of their lives, I found that my insurance job was an amazing outlet to do just that. I was insuring peoples lives, homes, cars, businesses and futures…. but honestly, it was thankless. I’m not one to beg for praise, just for doing my job…. but hey, a simple “thanks for suggesting the best coverage, we needed it” would be nice now and then (call and thank your agent some time, it’ll go a long way).

    My most recent position as a sales professional at a luxury car dealership solidified that I love to help my clients splurge a little. We ALL work hard for the money we have, why not splurge when you can? I very much enjoyed having the conversation with my clients about what key features where important to them, what type of lifestyle will they want in this car, and where is the first road trip going to take them. The challenge I had with selling cars was the fact that we are programmed (by great marketing) to be brand loyal, and in some cases, no matter how much better my product was, people couldn’t see past logos and brands, I really just wanted to be their friend and adviser for their new car, but all they wanted was a different brand (even if it was the same car but more expensive).

    What market allows me to be a friendly adviser, help clients into a new chapter in their lives, allow them to splurge on themselves and not have to worry about brands…? Real Estate.

    I am super excited to be able to offer my unique background as a basis for amazing customer service when helping my clients find their next home. I chose this as my career because it makes sense, it fits my ideal career goals, allows me to make time for my clients, and because I know I can make this process fun and easy. My promise to my clients is loyalty, honesty, straightforward answers and friendly attitude.

    I’m ready to help, on an amazing and successful team and in a great time of the year to help my clients get in their next dream home! 

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