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    Tracking The Christmas Spirit In More Than Numbers

    christmas spiritAfter tracking all the numbers from 2014, one thing really stands out. 1) I’ve saved my clients on avg over $6,100 by negotiating their contracts – that’s hard earned money people! That equals a near 3% savings my clients have received just by using me as their exclusive representation during their home buying experience.

    That being said, 2015 is not about ‘more numbers’ or ‘more production’ or the like..It’s about the creation of new, sustaining the existing, and improving the old relationships that span timezones, area codes, and even those across the street.

    Let’s all take a second to reflect, thank, and choose to uphold the importance of staying connected. Sure, the Internet is one way to vicariously do this, however I challenge all that read this message to pick up the phone and dial each other willingly, without fear, and with purpose to enrich, engage, and benefit each other’s lives through true human communication that doesn’t involve a passive ‘oh I know what’s going on because they posted to facebook’ attempt to really give value and care to people you call ‘friends.’

    Should you receive a direct, non-marketed call from me – don’t fret, don’t cringe, and don’t let it go to voicemail. I’ll be the one to extend my hand, pray for your family, and maybe even just put a much deserved smile on your face to make it all worth while.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, specifically, because your worth in this life isn’t measured in how many ‘likes’ you get, it’s measured by the number of people God has put in your life to love and uplift. That’s an indefinite promise, this is my message, and may your 2015 be the best year yet.

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