The Wrong Loan Officer Can Kill A Sale


    I have had the unfortunate luck of having several deals delayed or die in the last few months because of inattentive, and frankly, unprofessional loan officers.  I’ve had two deals where no problems were reported until the day before close though with some actual attention to details, they would have realized there was an issue.

    The reason I know it could have been avoided is because I ran the issue past one of our preferred lenders, Brad Hansen.  I told him the scenario and he said that the issue should have been dealt with right after the loan application was accepted. It was a huge red flag.

    We have a stable of preferred lenders who deal with every type of loan.  There is only one reason we call any of them our preferred lender and that is because they deliver.  They know the rules and procedures, including the new TRID rules that have really messed up a lot of other loan officer’s transactions.

    The lenders that we trust and refer are proactive rather than reactive.  Avoiding problems is much easier than fixing them.  So when we offer, maybe even plead, that you talk to a lender that we know and trust, it’s not for our benefit, it’s really for yours.  The frustration I have felt is only a fraction of what a client feels that already has plans and movers ready but can’t do anything.

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