The secret equity builder…GARAGE DOORS!


    wilsonville-garage-door-before-700When people think about adding equity to their home in the form of renovation people often think kitchens, bathrooms and painting. One of the most overlooked equity building home projects you can do to your home is installing a new garage door. Assuming you use a standard quality door, the average for a two car garage can be around $2,300. And when you realize that garage doors can yield an 87% return on investment, it’s worth taking a closer look.

    The increase in curb appeal to your home with a new garage door is instant and significant. It’s significant because the garage in most houses takes up a sizable portion of the front view of a home from the street.


    I’ve utilized this strategy personally on my home with my own garage door upgrade for my Wilsonville home. As you can see from the pictures below my garage door broke with a full panel falling out, which is when I knew my current door was beyond repair. I called All About Doors, which is an incredible family owned business that not only showed up quickly to survey the situation and order my new door, but also installed the door and provided a 5 star service at every step of the way. I get nothing in return for recommending this company, other than the satisfaction of letting people know how good my service was and to see them succeed.

    You can view the before and after below and be the judge. I think it makes an incredible difference with the appeal of the house. Now if it will only stop raining here in Portland I can get a new paint color on the exterior of the house!

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    Ryan Kristin
    Licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker

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