The Secret Behind A Repair Addendum

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I would have offered less on that home!” Truth is, the first round of negotiation when you submit your offer isn’t the only opportunity you’ve have to negotiate the price of the home. Enter the Home Inspection Repair Addendum. This one piece of paper can change the game. Our team has repeatedly AND successfully re-negotiated sales price after we’ve prepared a proper repair addendum.

    More-so than just the recommendation as to what the buyer requests to be done on the home, it’s the way we PRESENT the addendum that holds value over a simple email with “hey ‘other realtor’, hope you receive this. Let me know if the sellers want to make the repairs, thanks.”

    At Keller Williams Realty Portland Premiere/Beltran Properties we place a HUGE importance on several key areas of the home buying process. It never fails: our experience in winning negotiations, resolving conflict within the transaction, and persevering for the betterment of our clients are skills not easily obtained, not handed out on a platter for everyone nor given because of good looks. We earn your business because our results, customer service, and the words previous clientele speak about us speak louder than any marketing piece we could come up with.

    Why wait? Together we’ll make it happen.

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