The Draw Of The Flaw

    I stole the headline from the Washington Post because it is so good.  Buying a home with real or perceived flaws can allow you to be in a neighborhood at a discount. It is just best that you understand why there is a discount.

    Are you a hermit type that wants privacy and to be able to fish off the front porch? This house may be perfect for you.

    I have seen and sold some homes that I would never live in. I have had clients ignore homes that I loved.  I absolutely hate flag lots where a home is set behind another home and only accessible by a long driveway and I know some people that love them.

    Powerlines are often an issue for many.  No one has determined conclusively whether or not it is bad for you and for the conspiracy leaning folks, would the government admit to it and incur the cost of burying the lines?  In the popular Bethany neighborhood there are many homes that back up to the powerlines.  They usually go for a discount but you get to have access to great schools.

    Busy roads are an issue for many because of noise, lights and the possible danger for children playing in the yard.  Apartments, businesses, noise, etc. are all reasons people may be dissuaded from buying a home.  As I tell my sellers, the further you get from the expected traditional home, the fewer buyers you will have.

    Specifically I had a client whose driveway was sloped toward the home as steep as a ski ramp.  At one Open House people would drive up, get out of their car and look down the driveway.  Then they would promptly get back into their car.  I wouldn’t drive my vehicle down there either.

    My client bought that home because of the design and the fact he was surrounded by protected greenspace.  Because the home sat low in his cul-de-sac, he couldn’t see his neighbors and it felt like he was in the middle of the woods.  It was a fantastic home but he was realistic when it came time to sell it.  He waited until there was a buyer who didn’t mind the driveway and it was sold.  Now he gets to enjoy the home in a pristine setting.

    As long as you understand what you are getting into, you can buy a lot more home if you value unique attributes that others don’t appreciate.  If you are looking for an odd house to fit you, give me a call. 503-750-6494

    I couldn’t find the source for the image above, just the meme.

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