Should I Skip Inspecting My Home?

    Oh good gravy no! Skipping the inspection is only second to Russian Roulette on the list of bad ideas. I like to make points through stories so here are a few.

    Let’s start with new construction.  One gentleman skipped his inspection to save a couple of dollars on a brand new home. Lot’s of people, even new agents, think it’s fine because hey, it’s brand new and comes with at least a one year warranty.  So the gentleman did carry out an inspection near the end of that first year and they found that the downstairs toilet had never been connected to the sewer line. They had, wait for it, been flushing the toilet into the crawlspace. Ewww, indeed.

    On an inspection for a new home I talked my clients into, the inspector found that the hot water heater in the attic had a gas leak which no one would have known about until the roof blew off. Also, they hadn’t installed the outside spigot correctly or with insulation and that could have frozen over causing the pipe to burst inside the wall. That would have been a story of fire and ice.

    As far as a resale home, you have no idea what you are walking into as far as dry rot, bad wires, sewer lines broken, radon and more.

    Whatever problems exist will be yours after you buy it. I’ve always said it was the cheapest insurance policy. An agent told me of a house he bought where they had a single post holding up a large vaulted ceiling. There was no support under the floor and that roof was at risk of collapsing at any time.

    Give us a call, we’ll point you in the right direction! We have great inspectors we work with daily!

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