Safely Viewing the Eclipse

    It’s likely you’ve been hearing the buzz around the eclipse happening across 14 states on August 21. The solar eclipse hasn’t been seen from the mainland United States since 1979 and hasn’t been seen in the continuous coast to coast of our country since 1918, so there’s some legitimacy to they hype.

    It’s been estimated that around 1 million people will be visiting the greater Portland, Oregon area to view the event. A big part of the eclipse discussion has been around the safety portion and how to view the eclipse safely. This is not to be taken lightly because without taking the proper precautions can cause permanent harm to your eyes.

    It is recommended that you use proper ISO 12312-2 compliant safety glasses, which is an international safety standard specifically created for viewing the eclipse.

    According to NASA, while the moon is partially covering the sun is the most dangerous viewing times, as the sun’s rays are still able to cause permanent damage to your eyes. However, according to a recent post on their website (link can be found here: while the moon is completely covering the sun it is safe to view the eclipse without wearing the glasses.

    Ensure that the glasses you have are indeed ISO 12312-2 certified and are from reputable vendors (this can be verified here: Amazon has recently recalled glasses that were sold through their site as eclipse glasses but not properly certified, so it is worth double checking.

    There is no replacement for the real certified glasses, even things like dark sun glasses or welding goggles will not work to protect your eyes. It will be an amazing site to see, so enjoy responsibly with the right glasses.

    This, among other amazing things to do, is just one more terrific reason to move to Portland Oregon. If you or a family member is thinking about buying a home in this area, call me and let’s get house hunting!



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