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    Real Estate Investing Fits Into a Retirement Portfolio

    Whenever we hear about retirement, or investing or long term wealth accumulation, we think of our 401k, mutual funds, self directed IRA’s or even a CD, and we hire the right professional to light the right path for us. They start by asking questions, digging deeper into your goals, and then offer a comprehensive plan, that is tailored to how you answered the previous questions. Often there is an aspect of high, medium and low risk factors, life insurance, putting up to the matching amount into your 401k, or buying term insurance and investing the rest. What are we signing up for though? 5% return? 8 if we are lucky on these investing vehicles. In the long run, you may or may not have a high enough net worth to survive a 30 year retirement. What is more important to you when in retirement; net worth or cash flow?

    Cash flow! Who cares if your’e worth millions if you can touch it! If it’s not lining your pockets for day to day expenses, all that net worth is worth just a number on a computer screen.

    How do you increase cash flow in retirement?

    Rental income! I can introduce you to a strategic plan to purchase real estate, for the purpose of being rental property, that will produce a healthy income throughout your life. Having the right financial planners on your team, who are open to having this as a part of your plan, is just as important. Mark Grubbs at Broad River in Tigard, Or has a way to take your normal savings and position yourself to invest the way I described earlier. Give me a call, I have a great list of potential rental houses already on the market and great opportunities for rental homes.

    -Ethan Frelly

    Lead Buyers Agent

    Beltran Properties


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