Radon And Your House

    Radon is something that you’ve likely heard about as a homeowner or soon to be homeowner. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the earth as it is a by-product of radioactive decay within the soil. This decay causes radon to come up from the earth and into homes where it is odorless, tasteless and not visible. Left alone without any mitigation it can be dangerous and even cause things like cancer in humans.

    Now that we’ve covered the scary stuff, let’s talk about the good news, which is that radon is easily mitigated (or safely removed from a home). It usually consists of a ventilation system being installed within a crawlspace or basement that sucks the radon filled air out and vents it outside of the home. This is not your typical DIY project and should be done by certified professionals.

    The other good news is that radon tests to detect radon levels within a home are very simple and relatively inexpensive at less than a couple hundred dollars. Certain areas around Portland, OR have higher radon levels than others. If you’re curious what the radon levels are in the area you live in or are looking to purchase a home in you can visit this website here (http://geo.maps.arcgis.com/apps/SimpleViewer/index.html?appid=0c3757b6a8fb4dd1946633398112b003). This data has been gathered to show general trends and shouldn’t be relied upon for your specific property.

    It is always a good idea as a prospective home buyer to run a radon test to determine radon levels within your prospective home. That way you can address the issue of how to handle the radon and negotiate the payment for mitigation before you own the home. A good real estate agent can help you navigate this process and recommend the right professionals for the job.

    If you have any real estate questions, please call me: Ryan Kristin at 503-729-8384

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