Photos Tell The Whole Story, Maybe…

    pufin ct beaverton living roomHave you ever seen an amazing photo showcasing the beautiful curb appeal just begging you to go, or that picture of that back yard that seems to go on forever, or that dining room that can fit what seems to be a presidential sized table? Can you tell when they use tricky lenses or weird angles? We all can!

    Photos can make or break your listing, buyers see past the fake wide angle lenses, and quick point-and-shoot style of photography. Now even more, because of the internet, most buyers can tell if they want to tour your home within 11 seconds of seeing the listing. Do you think a professional photo of your home will grab their attention more than a sloppy and blurry photo that can be debated on what is being shown?

    Buyers seek that feeling of pride of ownership, and if that is not conveyed in the photos, many will be turned away and may not even take a second look. When I tour a home that has been on the market for over a month, often the question comes up: “So, why do you think it hasn’t sold yet?” The answer is often, “The photos are a turn off.”

    As a seller, hire a great team who uses professional photography and staging to get the job done the first time. Beltran Properties prides ourselves in choosing dedicated Real Estate photographers who can choose the more flattering and honest angels to help draw in the right buyers.

    Do get your home marketed the way it should be, call me at 503-218-3838!

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