Our own Halloweentown

    Every year, in St. Helens Oregon, there’s a Spirit of Halloweentown celebration that changes the entire town into a Halloween utopia!!

    St. Helens was made famous by Disney’s Halloweentown, and everyone gets to enjoy an entire month of festive, Halloween celebrations every October!

    The movie Halloweentown, (1998) is about a girl who learns she is a witch, and helps save a town full of supernatural creatures.

    Downtown St. Helens offers a spooky  ghost walk every single night, and some of the storefronts even have special effects! There’s even a giant pumpkin at city hall…

    They have a daily haunted house for kids which is open every day, and one for the adults, too!

    You can also take a guided “Walk to the Underworld”, a creepy event along the waterfront there…

    So, if you’re a fan of Halloween, and all things spooky… there’s only a couple weeks left this year to check it out for yourself!

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    If you’re a Halloween FANATIC, and want to participate in this yearly spooktacular phenomenon yourself, go to our website and check out some homes for sale in the area here:

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    Searching for a home ALONE is a SCARY thing too, so be sure to give us a call! 503-502-3330

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