Multiple Offers Galore

    Competing for a home in today’s market in Portland Oregon is an absolute nightmare for many buyers. Multiple offers are becoming the new normal, helping push sale prices upwards of 100,000 over original list price. That being said, as agents we know real estate is constantly changing, thus once again time to adapt. Here’s some quick notes to help your buyer be prepared as possible for the journey ahead.

    1. Be Pre-Approved/Have funding prepared, before even thinking of entering any homes.

    2. Urgency is key, if you see a home that may be a possibility, you need to go view the home  right when it hits the market.

    3. Again urgency is key, if the home is right you need to move quick on the offer.

    4. Be prepared to write a heart felt personal letter, explaining why the home is a perfect fit for you.

    5. Having to prepare and submit offers on multiple homes is the reality of today’s market!

    At the end of the day if you can be honest, and up front about what it will take to win a home in today’s market, you will make the experience for both yourself and your clients much more pleasant!

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