Luxury Once Tasted Becomes A Necessity

    One of the many reasons we want you to get pre-qualified is the fact that once you have tasted luxury, it’s very hard to give it up.

    If you have ever used a loaner car from a dealership, do you notice it is usually the newest and best model? They want you to see what you are missing. Drive the car around for a few days and you won’t be as satisfied without them.

    The same happens with homes.  Looking at even $50,000 above the price you can afford can be difficult when you get the news that you looking above your ultimate price range.  When I meet with people who are still a year away from buying for whatever reason, I ask them, “Are you the kind of person that will be able to look at homes now and avoid falling in love?” Most say yes until a press them some more and then most are unsure. It’s hard to look and not get a bit attached, so try to understand what works best for you so you are less stressed during the process and wait. I can walk by the cute animals and not get attached. My wife is another story and wants to take them all home. My niece is worse. I’m shocked we only have three cats, but I digress.

    What happens is that they fall in love with a house, then it sells because they aren’t ready, which is fine but difficult. Then when the time comes to actually buy they compare every house to the one they missed out on.   Of the hundreds of clients that I have helped, I have only seen one actually find the house they missed out on. Everyone else had to finally acknowledge that they weren’t getting that one house they missed or prices had changed and they couldn’t afford the same house a year later. We have seen a lot of that these last few years as the average price in Portland went from $270,000 to $430,000.

    Set yourself up for less stress and get pre-qualified. And call me to help you find your next home. 503-750-6494.



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