Local Park Review: Mary S. Young, West Linn

    Being a new parent with a week day off, I am constantly looking for new and fun (and cost effective) ways to keep my ever active near 2 year old busy and entertained.

    Creek drop off

    On one of my client meetings, I drove by Mary S Young, state park, off HWY 43 in West Linn, marked it on my map and made a day trip this past Wednesday with my wife and son. We backpacked about .75 miles downhill on nicely paved path, surrounded by nature and fully covered by the trees. It was apparent that summer camp was going on, as many small groups with adult supervision were scattered about the path areas and the final destination; the Willamette riverfront.

    River Front view

    Keep in mind, this is a state park, and a posted off leash dog park. Dogs will be roaming the riverside with owners in tow barking and splashing. This was the only danger I felt for my toddling sub 2 year-old, and all dog owners were respectful of other guests. This is also a great fishing spot, fly fishing looked to be most prevalent when we were there, before noon.

    The river front was amazing for kids; shallow pools, easy viewing from far distance, lots of beach area for running and playing, and rocks to climb on and around. I would say that this park is great for families, picnics, parties, sporting events and fishing.

    Trail view

    My favorite part was the free parking.

    If you want more info about this park or about buying a home near a park; call Ethan Frelly at 503-218-3838

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