Let Me Tell You A Story

    ou find your dream house, negotiate an offer, and it’s accepted!  Wow, what a feeling!  Everything rolls along, it’s almost time to sign and pick up keys.  Then wait… what?… your lender can’t get the loan… what do you mean they can’t get you a loan, how did this happen?!?  You chose the wrong lender to entrust your biggest and most important purchase to, and they didn’t get the job done.  Don’t let this be your story!

    Before you even Consider or Begin Looking at homes, meet with your Realtor to discuss your needs and concerns.  Your Realtor should have at least one or two “tried and true” lenders they trust their clients with whom they can attest are professional and excellent at what they do.  Buying a house is not like buying a car where you walk into the dealership, see the beauty you want, and then apply for a loan with whomever is there and wait to see if you’re approved for it.

    Buying a home is a complicated process, one best navigated with a good Realtor who works on your behalf as your facilitator to make all the working parts come together, to Get You Into That House.  Your Realtor’s job is to know good people who will work together and make it happen, and to have some fun in the process as well.  Align yourself with a good Team right from the start!  Call me here at Beltran Properties, I will set you up and see you through (503) 334-7245.

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