Inexpensive Thanksgiving Home Improvements


    Already dropping hundreds of dollars on presents and food? You’re not the only one, which is why we’ve got some very inexpensive Thanksgiving home improvements that’ll go a long way in a short while to making your home more comfortable over the holidays.

    Service your Furnace – with the weather changing from cold to colder, it’s always important to have your most efficient heating source serviced to retain the warmth that’ll flow through your home each time you open the door to invite your guests in for dinner.

    Hire a Professional Cleaner – home cleaning services is one area where most homeowners lose sight of the value having it done professionally. There’s certainly those areas in your home where they (dare I say) get neglected because they’re either hard to reach or simply to dirty to think about. Create the list of these items and hire someone else to do it. Benefits include a healthier home so you and your family can fight the sickness that nearly consumes all cold weather changes.

    Cinnamon Needle Aroma – Ever been out walking to find a patch of fresh pine cones and needles that just need a better place to stay than on the cold muddy ground? Or, ever find yourself choosing “fresh pine” when looking at car fresheners to get rid of that old wet dog smell in your car? Well then this idea is for you! Put together a set of broken pine cones and needles (to allow the natural scent to seep out) and mix it with a dash of olive oil and ground cinnamon over a slow burn and stir that puppy left and right until the whole home begins to smell like Santa just paid you a visit.

    Paint a Wall – typically a gallon of paint costs about $35-$40 and will cover over 120sf of space. Use the money you would have spent on your kids lunch money this week (because they’re out of school for the holiday) pick up a paintbrush and make a family event with it. Let the kids paint their hands and use them as a design tool – create a memory, have fun, and change the feel of a room with a dynamic or subtle statement of color and design.

    You deserve to live in comfort so go ahead and make some improvements that’ll create a memory in your mind and a great feeling in your heart.

    Happy Holidays!

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