How to Sell a Portland Oregon Home: Steps 4, 5, & 6

    In order to sell your home in the Portland Oregon area, there is more to be done than just putting a sign in the ground and watching the offers roll in. Here are steps four, five and six in the series of “How to Sell a Portland Oregon Home” (read the first three steps here).

    Step Four: Let the Marketing begin!

    Honestly, if you have a GREAT agent, then the marketing for your Portland Oregon home has already begun. Yes, that’s right. Even before you listed your home for sale. What we do at Beltran Properties Group to sell your Portland home, is to pre-market it to our database of past clients, business partners and more. If we can find the right buyer, and we can save you money and time, then we want to help do that! Often times, we put these buyers and sellers into a sale agreement even before the home goes onto the market (with the seller’s consent of course!).

    Why would a seller want to do this? Why would he or she not want to go live on the market and potentially field multiple offers (driving the price up)? Simple: selling your Portland home is a lot of work! Prepping for open houses, keeping your home show ready, fielding calls from agents wanting to show it to their buyers, takes a lot of time and energy. Some sellers prefer to skip this altogether and work with our buyers first. But, it’s up the the seller to decide this. When they are ready to go live, then we really get to have fun with the marketing.

    What many sellers may not realize is that our team at Beltran Properties Group has not one, but two professional marketing people on staff. From building branding to social media marketing to professionally created content, all our listings get top-notch attention by these professionals. And we do say, our buyer agents throw an impressive Open House. Our marketing plan spans 4 weeks. And, in all honesty, we get a little bummed out when we don’t get to implement all of the steps when a home sells quickly!


    Step Five: Negotiate the Sales Contract

    This leads us quickly into the next step of selling a Portland area home: the offers. With contractual timeframes to respond within and sometimes confusing buyer requests, navigating these sales contracts is not for the faint at heart, the new agent, or even the average homeowner. Honestly, it can be extremely stressful. Do you remember the last time you bought or sold a home? Were you a little stressed out? Navigating these contracts with an eye for detail, an objective perspective and as a voice of reason during a high-stress and sometimes emotional time, well, this is what our team of professional real estate brokers does day in and day out.

    Fielding multiple offers with different deadlines and the goal to garner the BEST offer (not always the highest, mind you, as an unrealistic buyer may throw insanely high numbers that we know the property won’t actually appraise for….but more on that later), without losing the RIGHT buyer is a masterful skill that a real estate broker only reaches after years of experience and hundreds of successfully sold homes. In other words, this critical step requires an expert. Otherwise, the seller risks losing the buyer altogether, picking a buyer who ultimately cannot close on the sale, or worse, getting drug through months of stress only to leave money on the table or overspend on ridiculous repairs.

    Step Six: Selling It One More Time…and Signing on the Dotted Line

    Wait, what?? Do we really mean, we have to sell your house AGAIN? Yes indeed. You have to sell your home not only to the buyer by attracting him or her with professional marketing and your home’s pleasing condition, but then you have to sell it to the BANK. Most buyers today use a mortgage to purchase a home. When they do, the bank who is funding that loan has to be convinced that the home is actually WORTH the price your buyer wants to pay for it. This is when the appraisal comes in (see step 5 above). Now the average person works with an appraiser maybe 3 or 4 times in a lifetime. Maybe during their first home purchase, maybe during a loan refinance, or to establish value during a divorce or death of a loved one or for an estate to get proper value of property, but our team deals with them daily. In fact, appraisers call our office to check on prices of our past sales, ask questions on home condition, and to ask specifically about our sales.

    So, when it comes time to work with an appraiser to SELL the bank on the sales price of your Portland home, you want to be sure you have the right person overseeing that. In fact, if an agent doesn’t promise to be PRESENT when the appraiser comes to your home, then do not hire that agent! Ask what that agent plans to DO about the appraisal and listen for key words and phrases like “providing market data” and “overseeing the appraisal in person” and even what their specific strategy is to secure the appraisal – even if the home did not hit the market (yes, this is seriously important stuff here!). This is how we ensure that the appraisal comes in at value to allow the bank to provide the loan and to pay you, the seller, the agreed to sales price.

    Selling for more with Beltran Properties Group

    PHEW! Finally! You’re ready to sign closing paperwork. This last stage can be just as stressful as the initial preparation of your home and nervous wait time before the right buyer comes along. But, the truth is, when you get to the signing table, you should start to relax and enjoy the process a little. In fact, we work with a stellar escrow officer and an amazing title company who always goes above and beyond for our seller clients, ensuring the process is not only as stress-free as possible, but also FUN! We also attend all our signings. Barring any crazy incident that keeps our team away from the signing table (sick? out of town? you’re signing from out of state?) we always attend the signings with you. Please don’t hire an agent who doesn’t bother to “show up” for this event. We think that your signing is a very big deal!

    Finally, congratulations are in order! You have sold your Portland home! Well done!

    And, as always, if you have any questions on this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call one of our agents today at 503-502-3330, option 3 to set an appointment to list your Portland Oregon home. (Read some of our reviews.)

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