How To Lose A Real Estate Deal

    With the real estate competition running HOT in Portland during this seller’s season, many people are putting offers in and just not getting the result they want…an accepted offer. Here are a few ideas that will be sure to add more stress by not getting your offer accepted.

    First, in the market where everything is selling above the list price, you will for sure not get an accepted offer if you come into the transaction with the idea of getting a “deal” and offering less than the list price. There is a time and place for that, this is not the time nor the place.

    Second, ask for everything to be paid for by the seller. Closing costs are the price of doing business with the bank, it’s the price of being able to put a small percentage down and finance the rest. This is a cost the buyers usually have to pay, since they are the ones getting the loan; do not expect the seller to contribute. This expectation will leave you upset and without a house. There is a time and a place for that, this market is neither the time or the  place for asking the seller to contribute. You can also ask for home warranties to be attached to the home, if the seller hasn’t offered to pay, the buyer should be expecting to take that costs themselves.

    Third, wait for a convenient time for you to see the home. This market has been showing homes being sold as fast as 1 day on the market. If you wait till the weekend, because that is what is easiest for you, don’t be surprised when the home is sold and off the market. Get a real estate broker who is readily available or who has a team to fill in when times get tight for scheduling. You need to be proactive and ready to see that perfect home right away, because the people who are winning these bids are doing the same.

    I will help guide you away from these pitfalls and I have a team readily available to help when needed. 

    Ethan Frelly 503-218-3838

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