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    How To Find The Best Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

    1. How much experience do you have as a seller’s agent?

    Find out these two important statistics and compare them to other agents in the area:

    • Original list price vs. final sale price
    • Average days on market

    These numbers will help reveal if the agent is skilled at properly pricing homes as well as negotiating the best deal for you.

    You should also find out how many transactions the agent completed last year. Here, you’re looking for a number that’s not too high and not too low …  something between 50 and 100 is a good number. Agents with too many homes on their rosters won’t have enough time to spend on you.

    Don’t forget to ask how the agent handles tough situations like multiple offers on your home and ensuring an appraisal comes in at value.

    2. How much do you know about the housing market in my neighborhood?
    Find out:

    • How many of the homes sold in the last year were located in your area
    • How many listings are there now

    The real estate market is hyper local. The best agents focus on only one or two communities and truly understand property values in those areas, as well as what it’s really like to live there, including schools, parks, shopping and community activities.

    3. How do you plan to market my home?
    Real estate marketing has become more sophisticated as technology has improved. Make sure your agent is tech savvy and is using the internet, social media and mobile technology as part of your marketing plan.

    A smart agent will also continue to use traditional marketing efforts, including open houses, flyers, newspaper ads and old-fashioned phone calls.

    Don’t forget to ask if professional photographs will be taken of your home, and if you have the option to stage your home. Statistics show that both of these efforts greatly improve your home’s chances of selling.

    4. How are your relationships with other agents, lenders and service providers?
    The ideal agent has built a strong network of contacts and cooperates well with other agents. When all the players in the game know and trust each other, the home selling process goes much more smoothly and benefits everyone, including you.

    5. How will we communicate about the progress of the sale?
    Find out how often and what method (email, phone calls, text messages) the agent will use to keep you informed. The best agents will address urgent issues promptly and standard issues within 24 hours.

    Be sure to share your expectations with the agent as well. Do you want an update after someone tours your home? Would you rather receive a phone call instead of an email? The right agent will be happy to provide what you need.

    6. How can I hear about experiences from your past clients?
     Even when agents have plenty of clients who are willing to rave about them, a true professional will respect the time and privacy of their past clients and hesitate to hand over their phone numbers to potential clients.

    A successful agent should have a plethora of testimonials on their own web site as well as third-party sites, like Zillow, they can easily share with you. Some agents even have video testimonials available.

    Armed with these six questions, you will, no doubt, discover if an agent is right for you.

    We’d love the opportunity to answers these questions–and more–for you, so please don’t hesitate to call us.

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