Have You Visited Fort Vancouver Yet?

    Located on the north bank of the Columbia River in the heart of the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area, sits Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. This site is a national park and urban oasis for visitors! Fort Vancouver’s rich cultural past will have you engulfed in early Western American History. Established in 1948 to preserve the site of the original Hudson’s Bay stockade, the park features four unique areas that highlight the rich cultural history of the Pacific Northwest.

    These areas include a reconstructed British fur trade fort, where visitors can experience the life of a fur trapper. There are the historic buildings from the US Army’s Vancouver Barracks, which visitors can take a step back in time and imagine what it would be like to live in a military barracks. And lastly, visitors can indulge in the history and magic of flight at the Pearson Air Museum. The park also boasts a vast network of walking trails that visitors can use to explore the landscape and enjoy beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Hood in the distance. There is a modern visitor’s center that presents a variety of informative exhibits, displays and hands-on activities. The visitor’s center provides information about the park’s four sites, as well as a short film about the history of the area, a bookstore, and a display of artwork by local American Indian artists. All this and yet only a few minutes from Downtown Portland!

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    Photo courtesy of Alex Butterfield, used under Creative Commons

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