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    Has the Buyer’s Agent Become Obsolete in the Internet Age?

    You may have wondered why, with all of the information readily available at your fingertips via the internet, it’s worthwhile to hire a Buyer’s Agent to assist you in finding your next home?   With the advent of sites such as Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia what does a Buyer’s Agent offer that you can’t find behind a screen and a keyboard?  I’m glad you asked!

    #1.  Hiring a Buyer’s Agent is FREE.  The home seller pays the commission for both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent.  So why wouldn’t you choose to have an expert going to bat for you during the entire process from negotiation to closing?

    #2.  Your Buyer’s Agent will be able to send you the most updated (often hourly!) listings.  You simply give your Agent your criteria and then allow them to do the heavy lifting to find properties that most closely meet your needs.  And don’t forget that often times, your agent will have access to “pocket listings” and will also have the inside scoop on properties that are coming on to the market that have not yet been listed.  That can give you an incredible edge in a fiercely competitive market like the one Portland is experiencing right now!

    #3.  There is someone there to explain the process and handle all of the paperwork for you … and there is plenty of it!  Could you do it yourself?  Maybe.  But wouldn’t you rather have someone with your best interest as their primary goal who handles these kind of transactions day in and day out take care of it for you?  Remember … it doesn’t cost you a thing!

    #4.  A Buyer’s Agent only works for YOU.  You should know that a listing agent’s first and foremost responsibility is to his seller.  It wasn’t so long ago, that using a listing agent to show you a home was your only choice.  This presented a serious conflict of interest and thus the Buyer’s Agent was born.  One of the most beneficial things a Buyer’s Agent can do is act as a buffer between you and the Listing Agent.  YOUR best interest is your Buyer’s Agent’s number one priority.

    So with all of this in mind, doesn’t it just make sense to have an expert help you navigate through the tangled web that comes with purchasing a home?

    Let me help you find your next home. Call me at 503-502-3330, option 1.

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