H20? No Go…?

    Let’s face it, it’s been super rainy and wet this year. If water issues are going to show up, now is the time they will be evident.

    What to look for:

    • Pooling of water in yard, front or back
    • leaking or overfilled gutters, or water marks of dried water over filling gutters
    • Standing water in the crawlspace
    • Check for disconnected vent fans from bathrooms and laundry rooms
    • Look for roof vents with dark discolored surrounding them on the roof
    • Cracks in the foundation
    • Light around windows and doors
    • Seams of siding over window and door sills
    • Moldy smells
    • Squishy sod or wood-chips
    • Discolored wood paneling or bubbling
    • Laminate floors will swell when wet, check to see if its been properly cared for

    rainy-portland-umbrella-manOf course, a good inspection will uncover water intrusion and the inspector will consult weather the issue is a good reason to walk away, or what to do to repair when you take possession.

    Keep in mind, water is common in the PNW, and many homes will take our high water table into account when building. Some homes have great ventilation and will allow for standing water. Some homes have sump-pumps that will automatically turn on when it senses water. It is best to be well informed about your options and any damage that may arise. Before you walk away from a home with water issues, get informed!

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