Why My Mom Didn’t Sell Her Home Herself

    You may be surprised to hear that I had my Mom hire a Realtor instead of selling her home herself with me helping her through the process. Here’s why I did.

    I’ve been in real estate since the beginning of 2001. I began my first year as an assistant and saw a lot of deals. I got my license and struck out on my own January 2002 with a ton of confidence. I had seen a lot, went through a lot and, honestly, thought I knew everything.  I don’t know how many deals we did that year but I do recall thinking to myself, as a cocky young guy might, “I’ve seen it all,” in a short 12 short months. (I might have been emboldened by challenging the real estate test with out taking the class and passing it quite easily.)

    My first solo deal came around and lo and behold, there was a new wrinkle I hadn’t encountered.  Then, with less gusto, I told myself, “Now I got this figured out.”

    The second deal came with a new wrinkle and then it hit me, every deal would be different and I would just keep learning. It takes a couple of hits to the ego before we listen sometimes I guess.

    Since that time I have been involved in hundreds of deals between myself and the agents that I watch over and train, and I still learn.  We have several agents on the team. Betsy Shand has been in real estate for 20+ years, I’ve been doing this for 17 years and Jaimy is at 11 years, and we are constantly seeing ever so slightly different wrinkles.

    And that brings me to For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s).  Over the years I have been around and involved in various levels of FSBO deals and their confidence usually wanes quite quickly when they see the contract, addendums and all of the timelines. This is an important transaction where the buyer has five generic ways to get out of a deal and the seller has none. Once they sign, they are in that deal which is unfortunate if they didn’t understand the terms.

    I chose to use an agent when my Mom sold her home in Keizer. I could have sold it but I don’t know that market. I also know that I can be too close to it and may not make rational decisions. My Father has passed months before I could have had my Mom do FSBO and I help her on from behind the scenes but I didn’t want the added stress that my Mom could go through as well.  The agent got us about $10,000 more than I expected to get.

    We aren’t the team that will tell you that you can’t sell your home yourself because you can. But we know it will be a much smoother transaction if you work with us, and according to statistics, and some of the deals we’ve seen and helped our buyers on, you’ll make more money.

    Want to see how we can help you sell your home? Call Jaimy Beltran at 503-502-3330. See our reviews here.


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