Farmers Markets to Visit While In Vancouver…

    Be sure to check out our local Farmers Market. Boasting over 250 vendors, the Vancouver Farmers Market has an
    abundant selection of:

    • Delightful blends of organic and fresh produce
    • Delicious foods from different regions of the world, fresh fruit and
      vegetables to baked goods
    • Beautiful flower arrangements and plants (my absolute favorite)
    • Homemade clothing, and accessories

    All these items for the home and garden can be found in a family friendly atmosphere.

    Located in the Southwest corner of Esther Short Park, the pet-friendly
    family market welcomes shoppers every Saturday and Sunday from March
    to October. The market has grown to become the second largest in the State
    of Washington and is a hive of activity where visitors can stroll around and
    enjoy the atmosphere. Visitors can shop for items, sample fantastic food,
    listen to great music, and relax in the nearby park. The market is packed
    full of local vendors from the SW Washington area.

    If you’d love to live nearby, we can help! Call Preston 360-218-4349 or search here. We’re happy to help in your home buying or selling process.

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