Don’t touch that…. cell phone

    October 1st, 2017 marked day 1 of Oregon’s new distracted driving laws. The rule is simple, if a cops sees you touching, handling or even looking at the phone, and deems it distracted, you can be pulled over.

    Even if there is a white glow from the cell phone on the drivers face, you can be pulled over and fined.

    Why is this happening? Over the past 3 years, auto accidents caused by distracted driving has increased by 58%, that means that almost 500 deaths can be attributed to using your cell phone while driving. It’s just not worth a life to check the text, change your route, or skip a song. Oregon legislature is hoping this new law will not only save lives, but also remind people to use the hands free options on your phone and car.

    I personally tack on about 1800 miles a month in driving and without fail see people veer, steer, dodge, and dart in and out of traffic daily. When finally seeing whats the issue with the driving… almost always looking down at their phone in their lap. As someone who relies heavily on my phone for business, I adopted the hands free options a while ago, it is easier, and even Google has made it easier with its assistant feature.

    The fine has been increased from $500 to up to $2,500. Save your money from the ticket, go to Fry’s, Best Buy, or even the Dollar store and get a phone holder or wired headset and safe and legal while driving.

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