Coffee is for Closers

    A real estate agent in Chicago opened up a coffee bar with the hopes of combining two things most agents I know love: Coffee and Real Estate!

    His idea offers:

    • A full coffee and espresso menu
    • Free internet
    • Sophisticated decor
    • An invitation to lounge around and people watch

    Outside, the coffee bar’s sign boasts the coffee bar name, alongside the brokerage’s name. When patrons get onto their devices to use the free internet, the opening screen is the home page of the real estate brokerage, inviting them to peruse the available properties, and search for homes through their website.

    Big screen televisions scroll through the brokerage’s available listings for everyone to see… Would you like some coffee with that condo?

    People get coffee every day, why not optimize on that and offer something EXTRA with that brew?

    Would YOU visit a local real estate coffee house?

    Let us buy you a coffee and talk about YOUR real estate needs! Give us a call: 503-502-3330.

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