Bye Bye NHF

    As the NHF bird begins its departure from our quiver of tools to help home buyers enter the market, we must rely heavily on the other programs still available and very useful.

    Besides the normal FHA , Conventional and VA loans, there is also the USDA and CHAPP programs that are around to assist buyers.

    USDA is perfect for the city dweller looking for more space for their urban gardens and chickens, offering a zero down opportunity to buy a home with land.

    CHAPP focuses on helping buyers settle in Clackamas county. This will assist with down payment or closing costs, keep in mind, there are stringent requirements.

    203k is a rehab program, the challenge as a buyer is getting the seller to comply with this requirements of this loan.

    Speak to your loan consultant for all the details of these programs, and if you need a referral to a good loan consultant, call me!

    Ethan Frelly 503-218-3838

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