Buyers, What To Expect In 11 Steps


    What to Expect in 11 Steps

    1. Gain Pre-Approval Letter (preferred lender)
    2. Review and Sign the Purchase Agreement
    3. Deposit Earnest Money (upfront cost)
    4. Hire a Private Home Inspector (upfront cost – based on sqft of home)
    5. Submit Repair Addendum  (from Inspection Report)
    6. Lender Orders the Appraisal (upfront cost)
    7. Re-walk Home (confirm repairs were made correctly)
    8. Sign papers with Escrow Office (2 to 3 days prior to closing)
    9. Closing (lender funds, and the County records the transfer of sale)
    10. Hand over keys (recommend you change locks)
    11. Jump for joy! (seriously)
    It’s the ability to take a somewhat complicated process and create an easy understanding that helps alleviate the pressure of home buying. Especially when you have a team behind you every step of the way engrossed with professional experience to guide you to the finish line.

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