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    Best Questions To Ask When Hiring A Real Estate Agent

    Well hi, didn’t expect to see you here so soon..I reckon the headline of this blog really did grab your attention? For good reason, no doubt, you’re reading this because you have interest in acquiring better skills to prepare for an eventual sale or purchase, and that my friend is GREAT NEWS because you’re entering a market that will not only sustain the value of your home as a seller, yet will provide an upswing in future value for those seeking to buy. Nice combo, right?

    So let’s get down to brass; why interview an agent to begin with? Well, like people, not all agents (because we’re people too) are created equal. Specific skills are learned by experience and experience is gained by service, which leads me to your first question to ask: 1) “how many homes have you sold in the last year?” Pretty simple question, yet very important answer. You could also follow up that question with question 1a) “what was the satisfaction rating you were given by your clients for the level of service you provided?”

    I bet you’ve probably discovered that agents get into the real estate industry for different reasons. Primarily there are two; to earn lots of money or to be of service. Always seek out an agent who wakes up in the morning thanking God for the opportunity to SERVE others. It’s a huge foundational breaking point that will inherently explain the incredible or lack-thereof service and satisfaction their clients receive.

    Okay, onward my wayward son, onward. Question #2 is as follows: “how do you plan to defend my interest during the sale of the home?” This question will garner an immediate response. You’ll know that with a hesitated “ahh, let me think about that because I’ve never been asked before” response the agent won’t know the value of their proposition to be of the best service to you.

    Now it may seem unnatural to be asking direct questions – certainly not all of us live in a world where we have the privilege to interview others – which is why today’s lesson is so important. Your preparation will set you up for success because you’ll be in a position of leverage knowing that you don’t have to hire the first person to walk through the door…typically it takes two agents to walk through the door before you hire one of them!

    Last, but not least because I can tell you’re getting sleepy, the nutcracker of all questions comes down to this…“why should I hire you?” It’s probably the easiest question to ask, yet you’d be surprised by how hard it is for agents to answer. You might get bumbly-mumbly type answers that anyone could expect, yet the few who understand what it means to truly represent the interest of another person will have identified within themselves the value they can bring to your life event. It is this sole response that will tell you whether or not you need to keep interviewing or you’ve found you match.

    Finally, here we are. That wasn’t so bad, right? Although we find ourselves having to say goodbye, remember; goodbye’s don’t mean forever. Check me out next month for another rousing round of real estate talk or call me right now! Either way, I guarantee you’ll walk away feeling better.

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