Best question when interviewing agents

    Real estate agents help navigate through tough situations, negotiations, repairs and appraisals.  Some great agents, like the Beltran Properties Group, help over a hundred families a year with this journey. This speaks volumes about the experience an agent brings to the table for you. It is always great to know how much business an agent is producing annually to ensure you aren’t the one being practiced on with a new agent. Finding an agent who has mastered the skill of navigating a client through real estate means you have someone on your side who has practiced so much, they can’t get it wrong.

    Practicing Real Estate is not only knowing the laws, guidelines and having a key to open up lock boxes, it also includes going through the process of buying or selling regularly.

    When was the last time you bought or sold a home for yourself?

    If the agent looks like a deer in headlights after asking that question, don’t run away (it’s rude…) just probe a little more and find a good way to leave the conversation.

    It’s ok if they haven’t bought or sold recently, that agent just may not be in touch with you and your feelings. This is more than a transaction for you, it is emotional, sometimes making decision-making difficult. Knowing that your agent understands how you feel is always more comforting than a pat on the back or an empty piece of advice.

    In my opinion, a good agent will buy or sell every 3 – 5 years to stay in touch with how the market is, what competition is like, and what is on the market.

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