Be Ready For Eclipse Travel

    In a matter of days by tens of thousands of eclipse watchers will descend on Oregon roadways and byways. Traffic is expected to slow to a crawl. Emergency vehicles will not be able to travel to emergency situations in a normal way. We know Life Flight has prepared planes and helicopters to help respond to natural or man-made disasters across the state. What should you do to ensure your own safety? 

    First, in any emergency you are your own first responder. Immediately following any situation, you need to check yourself first. If you are OK, then check the person next to you. Remember in this upcoming event that you may not be able to be reached. If you are traveling by car, foot or water, pack an emergency kit. This should include personal prescription medications to last for one week. Carry an extra pair of glasses, stock up on water and degradable toilet paper. Keep a supply of emergency food such as protein bars, dried fruit and easy open cans of meat of fish. If you get stuck for 3 or even 72 hours, thinks of three comfort items you will want with you. Pack those, but most importantly pack for longer than you think as the inevitable just might occur while you are watching this phenomenal event unfold.

    For many of us, we never leave home without a cell phone or tablet. If that is your emergency kit, then have phone numbers and emergency contacts updated so they can be reached in case you cannot get across town to pick up your kids or feed the dog. Have a backup plan in case traffic prohibits you from traveling your normal route. Ensure a neighbor or friend can help as needed.

    Don’t become a disaster of your own along the way. Be safe and be prepared.

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