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    Back to School in August? How School Affects Your Home Sale in the Portland OR Area

    Did you realize that schools have a VERY big impact on the sale of your home? Yes, even if you do not have school-age kids in your home right now. Truth is, school districts and their schedules influence many parts of the home-buying and home-selling process.

    Here are a few school-related things to consider when you sell your home:

    1. Schools Matter! If your home is in a desirable school district, then the pool of potential buyers is larger, simply by nature of adding those potential buyers who DO have school-age kids and/or care a lot about their local schools. Keep this in mind when you buy, so when you go to sell, you can capture that larger demographic. Check out all the local Portland OR area school districts here.
    2. School Schedules Matter! With the myriad of chores that need to get accomplished during the back-to-school season (you know the drill… eye appointments, school-supply shopping, new school shoes and clothes, dentist checkups, sports gear/camps/practice schedules to figure out), the last thing most parents and TEACHERS want to ADD to this chore list is: MOVING. So there’s certainly a massive up-tick in the sales market just prior to First Day of School in most areas…Portland OR is no exception. Check the schedule for Oregon districts here to find out when your school season begins and ends!
    3. School Grades Matter! Just like when you were a kid, grades do actually still matter. 😉 If your home is in a top-graded school then it could potentially be worth more when you sell your home. How do you find out what your school is rated? Easy, check here for local Portland OR and area school ratings.


    Now… if it’s time for you to sell and you had not thought about school schedules, that’s ok too! We can still help, give us a call today at 503-502-3330.

    We will help you prep and list your home to sell … even though it won’t close before school starts THIS fall, we promise our full-service real estate sales team will still make the grade. 😉

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