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    Are We In A Seller’s or Buyer’s Market?

    There is no doubt we have been in a Seller’s Market here in the Pacific NW for more than a year. However, this seems to be changing.
    While inventories have been the lowest since 2006, there are more listings showing up starting this month. We are also seeing “Price Reduced” signs.

    As the year end approaches, we tend to see some of the most serious buyers and seller emerge. Some Realtors like myself, have purchased every home we have ever owned in the Fall and Winter months. One reason is because you can really tell how a home performs when it is colder outside. Water issues can be identified quickly, roofs are subject to weather changes, heat systems are tested and the outside landscape under goes a seasonal change that help you spot problem areas. Some of the best buys are made when sellers really need to sell to move for work in the New Year and this adds in the advantage of getting home at a good price. Are you ready to go shopping? Give me a call at 503-545-8831

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