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    A Buyer’s Mindset, and How To Prepare For A Purchase

    Buying a home can be stressful and hard to survive without the right team on your side and the mindset.

    It is not uncommon to decide if you want the house within 11 seconds of being inside the home, during an open house or a Realtor accompanied tour. Don’t be scared if that happens! With all the other opportunities to view the home, whether it’s online, with a virtual tour or a cool app, I find buyers are more prepared and are just looking to make sure the pictures match the home.

    I have found, with many of my buyers, when they finds the right home, and the stars align, things move fast!

    I had a client recently “feel bad” about me writing an offer that was not submitted. It’s OK! It is part of the process and at the end of the day, because it was not submitted, it really means it was not the right home for them.

    They soon found a home, made a quick offer, and was accepted immediately, that felt like a blur to them, but nonetheless, it was the prefect home for them!

    Feeling weary about your home search? I get it! Let me be your partner, call me at 503-218-3838

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